Welcome to Dr Travis and Associates

Health and happyness are inextricably linked

we work with you to look after both.

We seeks to produce permanent positive health and happyness improvements while preventing poor responses to physical, emotional or environmental stresses.

We believes that people are participants, rather than patients; you need to participate, share and commit to your own happyness and health for your inborn potential to be fully expressed.

Our enthusiastic team of experts follow strict and principled procedures to stimulate, activate and motivate our valued participants towards their goals of enjoying abundantly happy and healthy lives.

We actively endeavours to serve our share of Africa with our heads, hearts and hands to elevate the continent's happyness, longevity and prosperity.


About Aspire Happyness

Aspire Happyness is the Philosophical approach of renowned Johannesburg Chiropractor, Dr. Travis Mitchell. His passion for producing permanent positive change in people’s lives spans far beyond the focus on Vertebral Subluxation Complex that Chiropractic care offers. In fact, it encompasses everything associated with human happyness, balance and success.

Living his passion, Dr. Travis serving his community by offering quality Chiropractic care, generously pledging his resources to charity, heading up a team of Warrior Race athletes and giving motivational and inspirational talks. It is these talks that form the happyness branch of our philosophy.

With Dr. Travis’ motivational and inspirational talks, he aims to give people practicable tools and guidance on how to craft their abundance. These talks can also be tailored to cater for individuals or any group, such as school children or professionals from a particular industry.

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Our Services

Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic Treatment to Provide a Nurturing, Unique and Patient Empowering Journey to Healing your Individual Needs.
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Chiropractic consultation

A thorough consultation of your current health complaints and symptoms, a deep understanding of the resultant limitations on your quality of life, and most importantly, to determining the underlying cause(s).

Crisis care and pain / symptom relief

Immediate understanding of the seriousness of your acute problems, and a short-term programme to direct relief of pain and symptoms. 

Individual or group wellness consultations

An opportunity to find out where you or your team are blocking full potential and how you can simply make the appropriate changes

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With Aspire Happyness, true health and happiness are not insurmountable goals, but achievable realities. Get in contact with us now and take the first step to a life of abundance.