I was 16 when I discovered my passion for Chiropractic – and for the first time in my life I was driven and had the focus required to achieve. As a high school dropout I had to finish my schooling before being able to study further so I attended night school, and after graduating I enrolled for Chiropractic at the University of Johannesburg.

Having never achieved anything academically, studying Chiropractic was quite a challenge but I graduated in 2004 with a Master’s Degree and a distinction for my thesis – which I had the privilege to publish and present internationally.

After graduating I travelled to Dubai, U.A.E where I set up a Chiropractic department in a Multi-disciplinary Traditional and Complimentary Centre owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. This provided an amazing opportunity for me to gain valuable experience in integrative health and wellness medicine. 

My clinical interest is in family Chiropractic care. I provide assistance to all members of a family, “Big and small, we care for them all”. I respect the human body’s ability to heal itself when provided with the right tools and support – and this is applicable at any age! I know that true Health and Happyness is possible.

I love to share my experiences and understandings of Chiropractic, health and life. So separately I provide continual health and wellness promotion to anyone listening. I express straightforward concepts that are both easily digestible and thought provoking. I have written numerous articles for various media publications, been interviewed on radio in Dubai and provide an email based newsletter and a blog - click here to subscribe. I will find any opportunity to tell my story if it will inspire you

My second love is my family. I am continually inspired and fueled by my wonderful and supporting wife and beautiful son.

I look forward to walking with you as we aspire the world to greatness!


Our incredible team

Phumzile Dlamini

 I was raised in the Northern KZN rural areas, at my father’s home village. I went to school in KZN and matriculated, there afterwards I enrolled at a TVET college and got my Management Assistant Diploma.
In 2011 my mother passed away and then I had to fill in her shoes which was challenging as I also had my own daughter to look after while studying in my home town.  My mother’s passing was very stressing to me as my youngest sister was only 14years then, my daughter was a year old and I was in school. However, through it all I managed to get my Diploma and still gave the best care I could for my youngest sister and my daughter. This was the greatest challenge of my life and yet it taught me how to be responsible.

In 2013 after my in-service training at a school in KZN I found a job as an inbound Call Centre customer service agent at Cell C, I was dealing with more than a hundred phone calls a day with both prepaid and contract cellphone clients. This taught me how to deal with irate clients and find a solution to their problem instantly. This has helped me to help the people, patients and participants alike at Aspire Happyness to get the most out of their care plan. 

I then moved to another company as an Admin clerk where I had an opportunity to learn how to run an office, manage staff and act as a PA to both directors. Another emotional challenge for me was the passing of my father last year; however shortly thereafter I found a job at Dr. Travis’s office and I have never been happier. Dr. Travis taught me to reframe the stress in my life and look at the brighter side of life, always smile and be happy. 

I always look forward to going to work, we have lovely patients and my workplace is the place I prefer to be as it makes me forget about all my life challenges and look forward to the next happy day. What more could I ask for! 

As the Practice Manager of Aspire Happyness I look forward to getting along with everyone who walks in our door. My life has taught me to be humble and respect people and life and always be open minded and allow change. Let me help you look at a brighter side of life and enjoy life as it comes.  We only have one life to live and let us make the best out of it. When life throws lemons, let us make lemonade and be HAPPY!!