Within the human body there are 206 bones and 360 joints, 639 skeletal muscles and over 900 ligaments. All of these components will somehow intelligently come together to produce every and all movement in the body (including the beating of your heart and other organ movements). It is important to recognise that there are only 43 nerves that supply the body with the important communication between the brain and body. Without this communication these components would never come to life and move.

For any movement to occur in the body, there is a complex orchestra of bones and joints, muscles and ligaments that have to follow strict ratios and protocols of activations and contractions. Like any great orchestra, there has to be an intelligent conductor of the body; that is the nervous system!

So when a person walks into my office suffering with a pain or complaining of a dysfunctional movement or body part, is it as simple as just blaming the muscle or the joint or an organ?

Obviously no. Somewhere between the brain, the nerves and the various components of movement there is a breakdown in communication. In chiropractic terms we call that a subluxation; an interference in the vital nerve flow between brain and body resulting in a body system, organ, tissue and or cellular dysfunction.

In medical terms they use words like Dysponesis, Dyskinesia, Dysautonomia. which indicates the cascade of events that ultimately leads to a dysfunctional body across all the systems. If you are technologically, directed please see the link on the definition of these three words.

This poses a critical question; what are you interested in? - No pain or symptoms, great functional movements of all aspects of the body collectively or both? In my office, functional movement is movement that is:

- In vertical alignment (head is above the body making all systems gravity effective)
- Balanced (left and right, front and back, top and bottom all working symmetrically)
- Effortless, easy and pain free. 

So to achieve your maximum performance, let us look at the similarities between the orchestra and the body:

1) You would definitely have to train and manage each individual aspect of the orchestra such as you would need to treat, manage and train each muscle, joint, ligament and bone. This would require daily specific effort based on the output you wish to get. In my office, I train my patients on the "homework" they need to do daily to ensure this.

2) You would need the conductor to be toned up and tuned in to make sure that he is able to effectively, rhythmically and efficiently bring the orchestra into order and harmony. This is the purpose of the chiropractic adjustment; to tone up and tune in the nervous system to the live-time functions of the body to allow accurate communications.

Ensure your harmony going forward; visit your Chiropractor today!