Why do children need chiropractic care?

“What could possibly go wrong in a child’s life that would warrant chiropractic care?”
This is a common response I get from people when they hear that my son has been under chiropractic care since he was born, or when they see a baby in my office. To answer that question I will flip the paradigm on its head….most people go to a doctor when something is wrong and often only when that something is terribly wrong. Therefore most people go to a Chiropractor in severe pain. However did you know that chiropractic care was not created to release the body from infliction and pain but rather to keep the body from infliction and pain?

From the time we are conceived the mind and body are constantly having to respond to the harsh environment, whether that be in-utero or in the big bad world. Through these constant response cycles we are either adapting to become the best version of ourselves, or we are compensating. When I ask the question, “Do you want your child to be their best or just mediocre?”. I always get the same answer, “Their best of course!” When a developing human is stressed or feels stressed (physically, emotionally or chemically), and has not yet developed the ability to adapt to its environment, a subluxation will occur.

A subluxation is a spinal compensation and leads to parts of the body working harder than they are designed to do. That body part will eventually start to feel pain, develop symptoms or show infliction of some kind.

What stresses babies out?

Mom and Dad’s stress (first time parents!), birth mechanism (both cesearean and assisted natural), first few months of life, poor feeding techniques, the use of baby formula, vaccinations, older siblings, rough handling, early separation from parents…the list goes on. In early infancy this leads to issues like poor sleeping, recurrent respiratory and ENT infections, reflux and colic. Later on this can result in asthma, chronic immune challenges and digestive dysfunctions, physical injuries and behavioural issues.

Chiropractic care is most certainly able to take care of these conditions but it is most benefical when used as a preventative source of care. If a child can get a chiropractic spinal check early enough, before infliction occurs, then the correction is minimal and will allow effective development of all their body systems without delays. In this way, chiropractic care will keep your child’s spine strong and healthy allowing him/her to develop correctly and this is key to them being the BEST they can be.