Dear all,

We welcome quarter 2 of 2017; Autumn is the season of transition and culmination. Take stock of your bounty, blessings, joys and abundances and make provisions for the changing season.

Our new home

Firstly, we apologise for not hosting the “Strategise your Goals” seminar in March as planned. However there is good reason; we have found a new home for the practice and decided to do the seminar in the new house once we have moved. We appreciate everyone who put out their feelers to help us find our dream house; it is thanks to one of our long time patients that we finally found the right place. The good news is that it is 37 Lily Avenue, Northcliff.


It is only one block up from where we are currently so it will not affect your travel to the office. We are so excited for you to join us in the joy and the new improvements that this house will bring to the practice. This is your opportunity to be a part of the practice’s growth and development; please will you send us an email with your thoughts on what would make your experience at Aspire Happyness better. Click here to let us know! Our aim is to be in the new house by the 1st of June and we will make the huge move in one weekend so please keep track with reception as to when and WHERE you next appointment will be. Once we are in we will have some huge events to celebrate, check out our Facebook page for more info!

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Knuckle popping vs. Back cracking

Many times patients will ask me, “If they say popping your knuckles frequently is bad and leads to arthritis why are you cracking my back so often?” To explain this let us first understand the ‘cracking’ sound that occurs. It is called a cavitation and happens when there is a sudden change in pressure inside a joint. A joint in the body has two bone surfaces that are held together by a ligamentous capsule and has synovial fluid inside. The change in pressure creates a shift in the nitrogen gas in the synovial fluid and a vibration occurs through the ligamentous capsule giving off the sound. The outcome of this is increased range of motion for that joint. Keep reading

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Stay in touch

Please make sure you are connected with us on the various social media links below. We also have a WhatsApp group where you get daily inspiration and thoughts on health by Dr Travis. Please send "breaking bread" to 071 752 7787 in order to be added. It is open to anyone, so feel free to invite your family and friends.