Dear all,

The beach sand (from our Christmas holiday) feels like it has only just been washed from between our toes and yet we are turning over the page on February. I hope your year has started healthy and happy!

Excitement is in the air as we look to expand the practice in 2017. If you know of a house in our area that is for sale please will you call Dr Travis directly. We want to be in a house by July 2017! So holds thumbs, watch this space and offer your prayers.

We have an exciting workshop planned in March and it’s all about STRATEGISING YOUR GOALS. We ran the programme last year with a number of our patients; we had a great time together and everyone left feeling motivated and excited to start accomplishing their goals. Please make sure you are a member of our Facebook page @AspireHappynessChiropractic as all information will be posted there. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask about it in the office too.

We receive so many great questions from our patients about their chiropractic care. Dr Travis answers these questions in the form of an article that is posted to our blog and our social media pages. Some topics we have discussed recently are The BIGNESS within philosophy and Metabolism as understood by a chiropractor. Other topics we will be discussing are the Lymphatic system and Why children need chiropractic care, so keep an eye on our blog for these articles – and don’t be afraid to ask questions about your chiropractic care – they might just be the questions that everyone else is asking too!

Looking forward to working with you in 2018 on your health and happyness.