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Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:39 | 29 September 2020

Do I have to always be cautious about my back; will it always be fragile? 

For many cases correction is possible; correction through adaptation. Adaptation that occurs through rehabilitation and rebuilding the resilience of your spine. 

Teach your body the correct habit of movement. Functional movement that allows quality of life; functional movement that occurs correctly automatically. 

Is it possible - yes but it takes time and effort.

Good luck

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:03 | 28 September 2020

Welcome home “party”

We are excited to announce that Dr T will be back home in South Africa for the whole month of October. 

We wish to throw a welcome home party but then we remembered that the “dream” COVID has not ended and private social gatherings are not allowed. 

So instead we are inviting you to schedule a meeting with Dr T; he desires to find out how you are doing; how COVID has affected you and your family and that you are making progress somehow during this difficult time. 

Please call 071 752 7787 to reserve your time.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:21 | 23 September 2020

For many the "core" is simply that you have a 6-pack. 

Did you know that the core is more than this...It is made up of 7 muscles that form the cylinder of your abdominal cavity? 

And these 7 muscles contribute to the stability and movement of the spine as well as maximise the digestive function, the metabolism, the other abdominal and pelvic organs. 

The core should be dynamic and functional. Strong and flexible; and the umbilicus should pull in through movement. 

How functional is your core?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:17 | 21 September 2020

I genuinely love this time of the year in Joburg. Days are beginning earlier; the air is warmer and more and more people are on the road exercising in some or other form. 

Have you started your exercise routine? What are your goals?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:17 | 21 September 2020

Thank you for all those who responded. So this is the follow up question regardless of your answer above. 

On a scale between 1 - 10, how much are you willing to sacrifice?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:36 | 16 September 2020

Only choose one

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:35 | 16 September 2020

Pls send me your answer; a mini research: 

Do you wish to have quick results or sustainable results?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:07 | 15 September 2020

The process of control; 

the body determines the incoming sensory information. This is sent to the brain via the thalamus. This thalamus is the part of the brain that determines what the brain receives and what the brain will not be aware of. The Thalamus is like the bouncer. 

From here the central integrating system of the brain processes the information in relation to what is previously know and based on what is required for the future and then the “appropriate” response is directed. 

When we talk appropriate as you can see it is based on variables of different understandings. 

This in terms of Chiropractic means that when we adjust, the brain has to still determine the adjustment and how to respond. This is why Chiropractic is not just muscles and bones but rather helping to reprocess and reprogram the brain.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:06 | 15 September 2020

Accumulation of stress is the silent culprit that catches so many people unaware. Everyday you are either accumulating tension and pressure because of your daily stress or you are releasing. You will only release if you are consciously participating in activities that are designed to do so. 

Accumulation is so common place and unfortunately we accumulate on a daily basis. Remember stress of all forms affects our physiology in the same way. When the proverbial cup overflows one or more of your body systems has to crash as a result of the overload of stress, tension and pressure. 

And if this is not the 1st time then it will generally occur to the same part or system of the body as previous. 

And then I get the same answer from the patient “I do not know what happened but all of a sudden I have this pain or problem!”

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:06 | 15 September 2020

Let me know your thoughts if you watched it?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:54 | 15 September 2020

Very interesting movie I have just watched

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:02 | 11 September 2020

Physiologically the mind and body require rest. Rest on a daily basis means a good night sleep. However on a weekly basis it means taking a day off. We practice 5 & 2 in my household. 

Rest on 6 weekly basis means taking time off from normal; not necessarily "going away" but certainly a time to debrief, defrag and recharge. 

When last did you take time out?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:45 | 10 September 2020

It is so important to differentiate between acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. 

Acute inflammation generally feels strongly and intensifies pain however it is the 1st phase of healing and without it your body will not heal correctly. 

Chronic inflammation occurs with persistent repetitive injury and becomes low grade. Although it becomes normal to have that degree of dyscomfort and stiffness; chronic inflammation is degrading to the tissue where it is present. 

Often times when you start a care plan, chronic inflammation will become acute; dull pain will become acute and although you do not feel like have started the process of healing.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
17:34 | 09 September 2020

Up to 24 years of age you are naturally developing. The last system to develop is bone density and peak bone density is at 24 years of age...from there on it is the downward slide. 

Before you shoot the messenger take note of a few facts:
1) the better you take care before 24 years of age the higher your peak. 
2) the better you take care after 24 years of age the more to maintain the peak. 

How long can you maintain the peak for?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
17:33 | 09 September 2020

Please give me your thoughts -how do you define health?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
17:30 | 09 September 2020

I wrote this article some time ago and it still resonates strongly with what I notice on a daily basis in practice and in exercise circles. Please let me know your thoughts?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:32 | 27 August 2020

Do you know which muscles you weak in? Do you know which of your muscles are short? 

This is where your training should go.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:31 | 27 August 2020

So how much strain and pressure you under? 
When last did you do preventative maintenance? 
How close are you to failing?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:27 | 27 August 2020

Preventative maintenance is based on how much strain and pressure the piece of equipment is under.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:26 | 27 August 2020

Remember the correct rules to breathing are:
- for every second you able to breathe in you should breathe out double the length of time
- breathe in softly and breathe out long
- breathe in through your nose and out through your nose however if you wish to engage good parasympathetic activation breathe out through a relaxed open mouth
- breathe in and belly button pushes out; breathe out and your belly button pulls in. 
- mindfulness practice concentrate on 12 breath cycles in a row counting each one. When you lose your way start again.