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Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:59 | 24 March 2020

Dear All, 

In line with the announcement by our President last night, Aspire Happyness will be closed as of Midnight on the 26th March 2020. 

1)    Please make sure you schedule your adjustments for today, tomorrow and latest Thursday. We will be offering advice on home programs to take care of you and your family’s health and happiness. 
2)    Please also call the office to schedule telephonic consultations during the lockdown.

We are in consultation with the Chiropractic Associate of South Africa regarding the provisions in the President’s speech for Health Workers in the private sectors who are exempted from this lockdown. 

Our thought at this time, is that we will make ourselves available for any urgent health and spinal issues that require Chiropractic services. We will post specifics regarding this in due course. 

From our family to yours, I wish God’s blessings and direction during this difficult period.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:37 | 23 March 2020

Dear All, 

Many people are feeling the pressure of minimizing social interactions. As part of maintaining continuity of the health plan for your family and you; Aspire Happyness will be offering telephonic consultations during this turbulent time. 

If you feel the need to discuss anything regarding your health; especially how to navigate the support of your immune system please call the office (071 752 7787) and schedule a time for a telephonic consultation. 

If you or your family are struggling with spinal or any other mechanical origin pain call the office (071 752 7787)  to schedule a telephonic consultation so we can understand it and suggest corrective measures and movements you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

If you are requiring motivation and inspiration to wade through the menagerie of turbulence during this time; feel free to contact Dr Travis directly on 079 639 6976.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:15 | 20 March 2020

Something to challenge your Friday thought processes – 

The understanding of the world as we know it, is being redefined by the unknown of the know. We are all glued to our handheld information sources; watching, listening, reading hearing everyone’s thoughts, opinions, speculations and “definitive facts”! The conversation seems to penetrate our veins pumping copious amounts of this unknown into our minds. Highly expected chaos and confusion is perhaps the status quo. How do we find clarity? 

I believe this is a time for re-assessing your founding beliefs, philosophical standpoints, scientific propositions and spiritual awakening. Are you happy with what you hold true to?

I hope you and your family are safe and well.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:37 | 19 March 2020…

In this article – I loved the following paragraph: 

As presented in The Biology of Belief (written by Bruce Lipton Ph.D), stress is responsible for up to 90% of illness, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. When an individual is in stress, the release of stress hormones (e.g., cortisol) shuts down the immune system to conserve the body’s energy for running away from the perceived stressor, that proverbial “saber-toothed tiger.” Stress hormones are so effective at compromising the immune system, that physicians therapeutically provide recipients of organ transplants with stress hormones to prevent their immune system from rejecting the foreign implant.
The conclusion is clear: The fear of the coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!

Let me know your thoughts

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:43 | 18 March 2020

Please will all know that we have stepped up the cleaning and disinfection protocols at Aspire Happyness in light of the latest news and insights. We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest information from WHO and government institutes on the best practices. Please let us know your thoughts and fears so that we can give you the latest information.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:42 | 18 March 2020

The lymphatic system effectiveness plays a critical role in immune system recovery. After getting an infection of whatever sort, your immune system will attempt to regulate to a better level within 2 to 4 weeks. This is largely dependent on how well the lymphatic circulation clears out the garbage from the cells and clears them out of the body through elimination. 

The better this occurs the stronger the immune system recovery and the greater the immunity you develop. If you find that every 2 to 4 weeks you are getting sick again then you know this vital part of your recovery is not occurring.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:41 | 18 March 2020
Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:28 | 12 March 2020

Take a moment everyday to stop and breathe. When you get in your car in the morning before you even start the car. Take that moment to breathe and relax your body! You must feel it. 
Same in the evening; as you arrive home or as you sit down for dinner. Stop, breathe and relax your body! 

Be conscious to stop and physically release and relax

Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:01 | 11 March 2020

Over 70% of our immune system is based in our gut health, if this is compromised so is our overall health. One main reason is based on our own healthy intestinal bacteria. Their main function is to detoxify the digestive system and also protect us from other pathological bacteria. Should there be a lack of normal bacteria, generally because of poor lifestyle and chronic medication use, then pathological bacteria and fungi over-run the digestive system. This will release toxins into the system and infect the liver and other organs. This condition is called intestinal dysbiosis. Detoxing and correcting your lifestyle will help to restore this condition.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:00 | 11 March 2020

Gut health is the building blocks to a strong immunity! With the current concerns ensuring your gut health is vital. 

Focus on: 
Reducing acidity
Reducing toxicity
Building natural health bacteria
Promoting regular bowel motion

Send me a message to find out the state of your gut health

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:59 | 11 March 2020

Of all the information out there on CoronaVirus I found this to be the most logical; Stay away from the myths; protect yourself and build your immunity. On our website is much information on immunity. We will be putting together more information in the next few days

Have a great week!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:58 | 11 March 2020

Dysfunctional movements are so commonly found and chronically so! Leading to pain and decay. 

To correct you have to change the body image and body schema. 

There is a part of the brain called the sensory motor homunculus. This part of the brain holds the image of how each part of the body functions. This image is translated into the body schema which is the reality of how each body part functions. 

For most people in chronic dysfunction the body image and body schema do not correspond. That means what the brain thinks and directs to the body does not occur the same way. The body respond dysfunctionally. 

You have to reset how the brain controls the body and how the body responds. 

So - How do you do that?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:58 | 11 March 2020

There is a spectrum of mental processing of the challenges in one's life 
- learnt helpless means you realise that the challenges are bigger than you are; there is no solution and no hope!
- authentic happiness means there are problems, stresses and challenges however you deal with them in such a way that you find solutions and keep moving forward. 

Where on the spectrum are you?…

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:57 | 11 March 2020

Such a common conversation - do not play outside in the rain or you will get sick! 

What is more important is the consistency of your body temperature. Take note of the soccer players in Europe. They are in heavy tracksuits when warming up. They only get down to their soccer kit just as the game starts. They wear under-garments that maintain body temperature during the game and as soon as they come off they go for a hot ahower, get dry and warm. 

Maintain your body temperature and you maintain your immune system.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:54 | 11 March 2020

I am always struck by how much starchy carbohydrates humans consume. I am generally very conscious of my diet and yet when my routines and time planning change how easy it is to consume more and more of these items.

To make it clearer here is a nice separation of the difference between starchy charbohydrates and fibrous carbohydrates.

I am not saying you have to be completely clear of them. However, the proportion of your diet made up by them is important. The difficulty is convenient eating or eating on the right. 

Take note of the negative effects of starchy carbohydrate consumption. 

Have a sensational week

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:46 | 11 March 2020

Watched a very strong positioned documentary movie - Super Size Me 2 by film-maker Morgan Spurlock. Interested in your opinion if you have heard about it or seen it!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:26 | 26 February 2020

Almost two months down of 2020; how is your personal and health plan coming along? 

If you have just started - well done for your initial commitment.

If you have been at it for some time – have you made changes where you had hoped to focus your efforts. 

All healing takes time and for most 12 weeks / 3 months is the starting point of creating physiological change. 

How can we help you direct your efforts?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:07 | 25 February 2020

A patient came to see me today and after she went through her extensive history of multi-system problem and challenges, I asked her why she had chosen to come see a Chiropractor? 

She said - "to get my life-force in check". I had to smile because it is certainly not the most common reason for why I person consults with a Chiropractor. 

Two questions (if you happy to give feedback) - 
1) why did you / do you choose to go see a Chiropractor? 
2) what does the term "life-force" conjure for you?

Have a brilliant evening

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:07 | 25 February 2020

I am staying with a family whose middle daughter has started with Chickenpox. They are a family who have chosen to not vaccinate against the minor diseases and rather build their children's immune system. 

Interestingly, the girl caught it from a friend of the family's child who has been vaccinated. 

Many questions stem from this. Make sure you think logically but let me know your thoughts!?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:05 | 25 February 2020

Rules of Lifting; it is so often that people hurt their backs by lifting incorrectly. These simple rules will help you to look after yourself: 

1) always start off facing the object you will pick up
2) bend your knees more that you bend your back
3) carry the object as close to your chest as possible
4) do not twist your spine with the object in your arms
5) make sure you are standing up straight while you carrying the object, engaging your core and buttocks. Do not lean backwards
6) if it is very heavy consider someone else to help you. 
7) put it down the same way you picked it up

You cannot get a spine transplant; look after your spine.