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Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:39 | 27 January 2020

I have found, while teaching about health that many people look at the daughting task of change and do not start. 

Does this apply to you? 

We feel motivated to change, we have our reason for change but then loose excitement when we think of how much that needs to occur. 

To stop this analysis by paralysis; plan one small step per week. Choose the easiest things to change first and smash these out the park. 

Each week make sure you acknowledge yourself for achieving something and do not look at the big goal for at least 6 weeks. Rather make 6 weeks of small change before you lift your head. 

The 100m athletes do not lift their heads for at least the first 30 - 40 Metres. 

Let me know how I can support your program of health.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:23 | 24 January 2020

I have found this time of year...a few weeks into the year; life perhaps finding some order! Now is a great time to look at that which you wish to achieve. 

The smart goal system is a simple system that helps you articulate what it is you wish to achieve. 

Make sure you schedule your time each day to implementation.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:43 | 23 January 2020

My wife just signed us up for

UCOOK delivers fresh ingredients directly to your home so you can make delicious meals in exactly the right proportions. Ingredients delivered for the week every Monday.

Very exciting and helps busy people to still eat healthy.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:19 | 23 January 2020

Every sport that humans play has an unbalancing effect on specific parts of the body. Sports require huge repetition and over time, this leads to significant advancement of these unbalanced habits. 

This is why we recommend that you spend sometime warming up, cooling down and most importantly rehabilitating against your specific imbalances everyday.

Do this before it becomes habit and damage. 

Do you know your pattern of distortion?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:15 | 20 January 2020

Do you know the three bite rule of your vice? 
1st bite - you enjoy; 
2nd bite - you enjoy even more because your taste buds have been primed; 
3rd bite - your taste buds are usually over stimulated and therefore you usually do not get the same reward on the third bite. 

So enjoy the 1st 2 bites and then take note of the third. Once you do not enjoy the bites anymore why continue if you originally consumed it for enjoyment? 

Good psychology trick!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:14 | 20 January 2020

For a team of powerful and dynamic females.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:12 | 20 January 2020

Arranged a fire 🔥 walk at the practice tonight...

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:35 | 17 January 2020

Every muscle-tendon-ligament complex in the body should be a certain length of flexibility and hold a certain tension of strength. 

Every muscle-tendon-ligament complex should work within their range of flexibility and strength in conjunction and ratios with all other muscle-tendon-ligament complexes around the body. 

Complicated right?

You change the length and tension somewhere it will have an impact elsewhere. 

To correct it you have to find the area of dysfunction-interference and its associates; understand it and clear it out using the correct stretch or strenghthing excercise. 

Weak muscle-tendon-ligament must be strengthened; short muscle-tendon-ligament must be stretched. 

Strong muscle-tendon-ligament must be inhibited; long muscle-tendon-ligament must be contracted. 

Are you rehabilitating correctly?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:50 | 15 January 2020

In Chiropractic philosophy we understand that the body is intelligent, self-healing and self-regulating...

but because humans do not necessarily and always provide the body with what it requires, the body has to compensate and protect itself. This is the intelligence of the body making the best decision with limited resources. The longer the body compensates for the greater the impact on the body, unfortunately and the great the body has to protect and compensate further. 

This is where the likes of autoimmune issues proliferate from because the body's only option at that point is to attack itself... All the while trying to scream for the human to do something different and to provide the body with what it requires! 

Please let me know if you want a article on what the body requires in order to function correctly. 

Do something different

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:18 | 13 January 2020

Happy New Year - may you be your body best in 2020...and have fun getting there. 

Aspire Happyness is officially open tomorrow. We look forward to taking care of you and your family.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:50 | 23 December 2019
Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:50 | 23 December 2019
Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:46 | 23 December 2019

Good Morning all,

Thank you so much for being a part of our family in 2019. It has been our greatest pleasure to walk with you in your journey to health. We know that it can be hard, frustrating, challenging and at times seemingly impossible. We have shared laughs, tears and many hugs…we have loved every moment and look forward to more in 2020. 

Please feel free to keep in contact with Dr Travis via Whatsapp over the Festive Season if you are having any challenges. The office will officially be open on the 13th of January 2020. 

Thank you for being a part of Breaking Bread and Sharing with your friends and Family. 

Blessed Festive Season and a Great 2020

P.S. If you feel inclined, will you share your feedback about your time at Aspire Happyness – you can use one of the links that follow.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:41 | 23 December 2019

Neema Massage Voucher Pricelist - Christmas 2019

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:10 | 18 December 2019

As we move into the end of the year this is an important time for rest, relaxation and recuperation. 
I often get asked how to do so; herein is my favourite list of things to do: 
1) go for a walk in nature
2) do mindful breathing and meditation
3) get a massage
4) do a puzzle
5) read a book
6) prayer
7) play
8) yoga, Tai Chi
9) do visualisations
10) laugh
11) listen to audio book or podcast
12) floatation tank 
13) sensory meditation
14) eating great food slowly 
15) stand-up paddle board
16) watching fire 
17) watching the waves come in and out
18) watch the sun come up or go down

What is your favourite?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:08 | 18 December 2019

Therapeutic Massage

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:04 | 18 December 2019

Placebo is a treatment or substance that had no physiological benefit but often positively affects how patients perceive their condition and encourage the body's chemical processes for relieving of symptoms. 

Nomcebo is the same as Placebo but instead there is a negative effect on symptoms. 

Both are psychogenic but have profound physiological effects. 

Is your psychology helping or hindering your healing process? 

Interesting thought process

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:29 | 11 December 2019

Features of Spinal Subluxations

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:28 | 11 December 2019

This is our last full week in the practice; if you need an adjustment make sure it is this week! 

At this time of the year I recommend spending time reflecting on the year you had:
1) What were the wins?
2) What did you make mistakes on?
3) What did you learn? 
4) What were you grateful for? 

I love this general contemplation. I will spend a few days, week or so thinking about this and journaling my thoughts. Thereafter I will read back and this starts the thought process which leads into my focuses and plans for 2020. 

Remember nothing goes according to plans but plans direct your focus and energy! 

Have a Great Week!