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Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:23 | 26 January 2021

Kickoff Schedule & Topics

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:15 | 26 January 2021

Attendance is going crazy for the Kickoff Summit 2021; please find attached the speakers line up and topics. You are allowed to share with your friends, you can register and watch can register and only watch one speaker.  Do not delay; you will feel inspired, ecstatic and confident for your new year!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:15 | 26 January 2021

Rules of Protein - 
1) have protein for breakfast to give your energy for the day
2) consume 0.8 grams of protein for every kg of your body weight...if you are relatively sedentary 
3) consume more protein based on the intensity of exercise. 
4) protein within 1 hour after exercise helps for muscle recovery 
5) protein is better consumed without starchy carbohydrates for better absorption
6) Tempeh is one of the highest forms of vegetarian protein

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:11 | 26 January 2021

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:08 | 25 January 2021

Good Morning all; thank you all for participating in the survey. I had 11% response rate from all who received it.

Please remember the results of this survey have no bearing on my personal opinion and certainly should not sway your current position. This survey was merely for my interest sake because I enjoy people’s perspective…I hope you feel the same.

The results are: 55% are either concerned, fearful or cautious with regard to covid-19 48% would take the vaccination 90% believe the world has changed and will have to find new normal.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:07 | 25 January 2021
Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:54 | 25 January 2021
Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:46 | 19 January 2021

Thank you for everyone who responded to the survey questions. I will compile in the next few days and give the responses. 

Remember the spine has natural curves in for greater support, strength and flexibility. So when you sit for prolonged periods of time in a rounded are negatively affecting the spine. Slowly teaching your spine to be ineffective building tension. 

So start today: 
1) stand up and activate your spine every 30minutes of sitting
2) sit tall and active when you are sitting
3) stretch your spine every morning or evening to release any tension that has occurred.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:45 | 19 January 2021

Sunday evenings are a great time to focus for the new week ahead. What went well last week? What were your wins? 

What did you learn? 
What did not go according to plan? 

What must you put in place this week to more forward towards your desires and goals? 

Have a great start to your week

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:45 | 19 January 2021

I would like to do a brief survey - please respond to my personally and I will give the results in the next few days. 

Please do not construe this survey in any way as an indication of my standpoint and opinion. I am merely interested in your current thoughts. 

1) are you fearful/concerned of COVID-19? Yes / no
2) would you take the vaccination if you had the opportunity? Yes / no
3) A - do you believe that life will go back to normal at some point or B - do you believe that society has been permantly altered by COVID? A or B

Have a great weekend

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:57 | 15 January 2021

Surviving or thriving? 
Compensation vs adaptation? 
Consistent issues vs best you have ever been? 
Reactive vs proactive? 

Have a great day

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:06 | 14 January 2021

Phases of healing - 
Pain care

Which phase are you in?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:49 | 13 January 2021

Even when resting, your body burns calories by performing basic functions to sustain life, such as:

nutrient processing
cell production

Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your body needs to accomplish its most basic (basal) life-sustaining functions.

For many their basal metabolic rate is so slow that they have to consume very few calories in the day and have to expend plenty to manage their perhaps it would be important to understand what enhances your basal metabolic rate?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:48 | 13 January 2021

Many do not achieve their goals for a few reasons:
- you have set a goal that is not in alignment with your highest values
- you have set unrealistic time frame for your goal
- you have not dedicated daily actions towards your goal
- you have not set rituals and routines in place to remind you about your goals and your actions
- the goals are too vague

As you start 2021 - which is your issue preventing you from achieving your goals? 

Let me know so I can guide you or hold you accountable to your goals.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:54 | 11 January 2021

We are open officially tomorrow; we hope you had a restful start to 2021.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:18 | 04 January 2021

I went for a forest run; what did you do on Jan 1st?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:16 | 04 January 2021
Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:49 | 04 January 2021


Dr. Travis Mitchell
19:19 | 21 December 2020

Take care of your spine.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:19 | 17 December 2020

Remember in weight management the output has to match the input...that is to say you need to exercise more than you eat. 

Despite popular demand, Christmas eating is not valued at half the calories so make sure you keep your exercise high over the festive season!