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Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:22 | 08 July 2020

This is why I listen to my body...Following your body leads to adaptation!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:06 | 06 July 2020

Poor Posture is one of the most common causes of spinal and body issues. Over time of sitting or standing in a poor posture your spine and body gets fixated in that position; eventually leading to permanent distortion. 

How do you test for this?
- stand with your back against a wall and your heels flush on the wall. 
- your eyeline should be parallel to the ground with your head touching the wall.
- your arms should be palm facing forward and open; shoulder blade flush against the wall. 
- your ribcage in line vertically with your pelvis
- knees do not hyperextension. 

Send me a "side-on" picture of you standing in this position against the wall.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:05 | 06 July 2020

What is the goal(s) you chasing? 
Why you chasing this? 
How severely do you desire or want to achieve this? 
What is your focus towards this?
What are your next 3 to 5 action steps towards this? 

Look forward to your answers. 

We are 6 months into 2020 and Covid has certainly created confusion for many. Time to refocus?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:28 | 03 July 2020

Every muscle in the body has a specific function and response to stress: 
- Some are switched off and inhibited.
- Some are engaged and severely contracted. 

Spend a significant portion of your day in stress and you prime your body for dysfunction. 

Learn how to relax and create free mobility and you start to restore your body. 

No time like the present

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:27 | 03 July 2020

The body is designed to move and to move freely, effectively and efficiently. Every direction the body moves in has a positive stimulation on different parts of your anatomy thereby contributing to the full function of the body. 

For example walking correctly will engage the calf muscles which helps the circulation of blood return from the legs back to the heart. 

In certain cases where there is poor circulation, getting the person to walk correctly helps the situation. 

They may still have a primary circulation issue however atleast their movement is facilitating better circulation. 

So understand the challenges you have and question how to move correctly!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:39 | 29 June 2020

Remember sitting for prolonged periods of time has a huge impact on your spine. Even if you sit correctly you still put more pressure on your spine than standing. Not only that but sitting decreases the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid around your spinal cord and brain. 

This is why we recommend:
1) changing between sitting and standing work station
2) building to spinal stability strength
3) hydrating your spine through pelvic tilts and spinal rolls

Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:37 | 25 June 2020

Good evening everyone; thank you for your responses to the above question conundrum. 

I will be interviewed on a podcast tomorrow evening 8pm SA time. Please let me know if you want the log in details. 

Otherwise be aware of one ritual and routine that will help you to be healthier!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:03 | 24 June 2020
Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:48 | 23 June 2020

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:41 | 18 June 2020

everyday in practice we see patients with imbalances between left and right side of their body. 
In some cases this is due to a specific injury however in most cases it is related to regular daily postures.

Take note of the following:
1) do you favour crossing your legs one side? 
2) when you stand in a queue do you rest your body weight more on one leg?
3) when you driving your car or sitting down, do you lean towards one side?
4) do you keep your wallet in your back pocket? 
5) do you favour one side carrying your handbag?
6) do you favour one side when you sleeping?
7) do you slouch on the couch only on one side? 
8) have you ever played sports requiring one hand or arm? 
9) are you one arm dominate especially when picking or carrying items? 
10) think of all the small things you do with one hand - brushing teeth and hair; putting makeup on etc.

In any of these case ensure you work the other side to help correct the imbalances. 
Remember imbalances lead early signs of decay and degeneration!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:16 | 17 June 2020

A simple question with a lot of background conversation; please send me your answer and your reason why. 

Is a fever a good or bad event in the body?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:12 | 17 June 2020

At this point in the world's grand transitions and everything is different to what you knew before...We recommend time to take stock! Review each aspect of your life and write down where you are compared to where you would love to be?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:54 | 11 June 2020

As lockdown breaks and some semblance of reality returns:
1) what did you achieve with your lockdown?
2) what will you do different in your life as a result of lockdown?

Let me know your thoughts

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:30 | 10 June 2020

Please take note of my next Zoom Talk

Dr T is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Chiropractic Releasing Stress and Anxiety
Time: Jun 14, 2020 03:30 PM Johannesburg / 05:30 PM Dubai 

Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 720 6983 3626
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Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:33 | 09 June 2020

Emotions must be experienced and released. Emotions that are kept in or get stuck affect the neurochemistry of the body. 

Be true to yourself; really feel and exhibit the spectrum of emotions for the moment that it is. I suggest singing, dancing, speaking, writing...whatever way suits you to bring it out!

However once that moment has past then find the emotion for the next moment!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:29 | 09 June 2020

I have added new videos to YouTube;

Let me know your thoughts?
Have a sensational week ahead

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:10 | 04 June 2020

It is such a common comment that we hear from patients - "I have just got used to having that Pain!"

There is nothing normal about chronic pain. The body is self healing and self if we find the interference and clear it out then you do not need to get used to any sort of pain. 

Hope in the restoration of the quality of life you desire!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:44 | 03 June 2020

As we move into winter in South Africa; taking care of the immune system is very important. 

What I have noticed in practice is people who have "immune challenges" fall into one of a few issues: 

1) their crisis immune response is dysfunctional - that means they spike a fever and get "strongly" symptomatic too easily and too frequency...

2) they struggle to engage a crisis immune response - they do not ever get to spike a fever and clear out the infection but rather spend long periods of time with runny nose, chesty cough, fatigue, malaise etc. 

3) they have lymphatic congestion and therefore every 2 to 4 weeks they getting a "rebound infection" and another round of antibiotics. 

4) the elimination is sluggish and everytime they get sick they have other issues (digestive, skin, respiratory) occuring quickly and drastically. 

There are specific approaches to take for each - let us know what is your challenge?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:47 | 02 June 2020

the human body has a dynamic centre of gravity. 

Centre of gravity is the point from which your body will move from. 

Dynamic because it depends and shifts strongly based on the posture you in when you moving. 

If you get that correct you have minimal or no strain on the body. If you get that wrong you will put strain repetitively on certain parts of the body. 

So where ever you are now - is your weight towards the front of the body or the back of the body? 
Is your weight to the left or the right of the body? 

If you change positions do you favour one side?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:07 | 01 June 2020

Everyday events set into action either a positive or negative neurochemistry response. Positive neurochemistry has a beneficial effect on your body; negative obviously a detrimental effect. 

Positive chemistry is reward based while negative chemistry is fear based. 

A huge influencer is your mental state when you interact with the event or situation. Which through mental training can be consciously set. 

At the end of the day you will have either been flooded with negative or positive chemistry and this is your daily tally. 

Sleep should restore you but for some you wake up already in debt! 

What is your regular state?