One of the most integral ingredients for absolute human happyness is health and wellbeing. Dr. Travis and his team at Aspire Happyness acknowledge this importance and offer conscientious Chiropractic care to promote your overall health and happyness.

Chiropractic care offers plans for recovery to such a wide spectrum of health impediments that listing them all would be excessive. Rather, here are Dr. Travis’ four main areas of expertise:

1) Infant and Child Care
2) Behavioural and Learning Challenges
3) Chronic "no-hope" Issues
4) Sports Performance

if you or a loved one are suffering needlessly in any of these areas, contact us right away.

“Dr. Travis thrives on serving his larger community especially those in need. His 100% commitment to providing people with the necessary assistance to achieve their aspiration of enjoying a great quality of life makes Dr. Travis’ rooms at Aspire Happyness the ideal healing environment."

Chiropractic explained

When there is a pinch in the nerve flow between brain cell and tissue cell.
We chiropractors call this a subluxation.

There are always two effects of a subluxation – interference and decay.
Interference and decay in some, one or more of your body systems.

That is the cause of your symptoms.
Your symptoms is the effect of one of your systems in dysfunction.

My job as the chiropractor is to find that pinch, that subluxation.
Find it, understand it, explain it to you and adjust it to clear it out.

Subluxation-free nerve flow between brain cell and tissue cell.
Your job is to be committed to your chiropractic process and the time it takes to restore your health and Happyness.
To learn in-depthly about your health and happyness.
To refer your friends and family to chiropractic to make the big picture community effect of health and happyness.

Subluxation processes explained