The following signs are a good indication that your spine and nervous system are not functioning correctly. If any of these apply to you, you should visit a Chiropractor.


1. You often have the urge to “click” your own neck and/or other joints of the spine

Many people perform this regularly and only gain short-term relief. The urge is there because your spine needs it however you cannot target the correct joints on your own.


2. The heels on your shoes wear out unevenly

Your weight should pass through both legs equally. If your pelvis and spine are not balanced, your weight will be shifted more to one side of your body and so your shoes will wear unevenly.


3. One leg is or appears to be, shorter than the other

The body compensates for joint problems with muscle spasms. Either acute or chronic, these muscle spasms can pull on the leg and make it appear shorter.


4. You have a poor posture

Posture is directly related to spinal joint function. Many people cannot sit up straight because their spine has stopped moving in that direction.


5. You get frequent headaches, back pain, neck pain, painful or tender points in your muscles

When problematic, the joints and muscles in your spine produce pain and can be the cause of your symptoms.


6. You have a low resistance to disease

The nervous system carries information from your brain to your body. Nerve interference, occurring at the level of the spine, prevents your body from functioning correctly and fighting off disease.


7. You cannot turn your head or twist your hips equally to both sides; you constantly have stiffness

Your spine should have full and free movement, unhealthy spines are restricted and this is noticed when turning your head and spine to either side.


8. You cannot take a full deep breath in

Your ribs attach to your thoracic spine so taking a full deep breath in requires not only the optimal movement of your ribs and your respiratory muscles but also your spine.


9. You have signs of arthritis

Arthritis (spondylosis or degeneration) is a lack of function in the joints and in the spine, this will interfere with the nerve system


10. You always feel stressed and tense

Stress causes tense muscles and joints in the spine. This tension does not allow you to deal with more stress and therefore you suffer more.