As busy human beings who believe we just don’t have time to get sick, when the dreaded germs do hit we throw back a bunch of pills, maybe spend a day in bed and then as soon as we start feeling better, we go back to our usual routine – and then wonder why we’re back in bed a few days later, when actually our immune system just hasn’t had the time and care it needs to fully recover!

There are 5 phases the immune system goes through to clear itself from infection;

Phase 1: The immune system recognises the antigen and selects the type of response needed.

Phase 2: The intensity of the body’s response to the antigen is directly related to how terrible you feel.

Phase 3: The antigen is neutralised, symptoms start to clear and you feel better.

Phase 4: Clean up and removal of toxins, waste and other by-products from each and every cell in the body.

Phase 5: The body is restored and balanced, and immunity to the antigen is hopefully strengthened.

The body’s major goal as it works through any infection is to upgrade itself and adapt to its environment. This means that the next time you face the same or similar antigens, your immune system will smack them out the park and you shouldn’t feel as terrible as you did before! This correlates with how effectively your body runs through the phases listed above and this is where you, as the owner of your body, have a massive responsibility.

Phase 3 is often when you feel much better and think, “I feel better, I must be better!”, but this is not the case! Only once your immune system has ungraded and built its immunity to that antigen, are you truly better. Phases 4 and 5 can take up to 4 to 6 weeks from the time the last symptom clears out and are directed by your lifestyle of health.

  • Dairy and sugar are pro-inflammatory and mucus forming. Avoid any and all forms throughout the entire immune process.
  • Your water intake and electrolyte balance are vital for cellular function. Avoid coffee, salt, smoking and alcohol, and consume coconut water for electrolyte replenishment.
  • Your body cannot heal unless you are resting. Stop what you are doing and get into bed to sleep it out.
  • Cellular congestion created by sluggish lymphatic elimination results in poor cellular regeneration and ineffective immunity. Do gentle stretching movements and get chiropractic adjustments to promote circulation. 

To heal completely, you need to focus on after infection care as it helps the detox and elimination processes. Be sure to offer your body the nutrition, mediators and care that help build immunity, based on the type of infection contracted and type of response required.

Take care of yourself and your family!