It is true that the body has a God-given ability to heal but this does not happen on its own. There are a number of steps you can take that will assist your body in the healing process.


  • You must have the desire to heal. That desire is not once off, it has to be ongoing. Every day you desire it and therefore every day you dedicate the time and effort you need to put in, in order to heal.
  • You have to move your body. Movement is the art of healing but that is only if you move with the correct control, quality and coordination. Learn how, spend time to move correctly every day.
  • You find the right eating and nutritional plan for you. You are unique and therefore cannot follow fad diets. Through much trial and error, you will find the combinations, ratios and sequences of what to eat and when.
  • You keep your body well hydrated. Hydration is critical but only if you have the correct electrolytes and mineral composition in your body. Avoid diuretics and other chemical leeches that remove water, electrolytes and minerals from the system.
  • You learn how to find stillness. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in this modern life! Find physiological stillness through your breath, engaging the parasympathetic healing state of the body. Included in this is finding stillness of your mind. The mind is the greatest cause of stress.
  • You have a clear neurological connection between your brain and your body. This is accomplished by keeping your spine correctly aligned and functioning well - the purpose of Chiropractic Care!
  • You sleep fully. If you complete all of these points correctly – or at least as well as you are able - good sleep is a natural positive result. Have powerful rituals and routines that allow your body the opportunity to rest and recuperate. Wake up fresh, ready to take on your day!