The majority of people seeking Chiropractic Care are experiencing some form of pain, and are hoping for fast, if not immediate, relief. The reasons, of course, are various but the most obvious are because pain is debilitating and life-altering, and long term care can be expensive!


For some, it takes only a few Chiropractic sessions before they're able to heave that grateful sigh of relief, but in chronic contracted situations, this is simply not the case. So when a Chiropractor prescribes 12 months, or even 2 years, of care, what can one do to help shorten the correction and recovery time rather than allowing the process to drag on for years and years of unsustainable therapy?


  • Be honest right from the first session with your Chiropractor about your time and financial constraints. Otherwise, this will create further stress and dissuade you from committing fully to your care plan.
  • Attend your appointments as frequently as your Chiropractor wants you to, and do the homework prescribed.
  • Understand what the Chiropractor states as your causative agent(s); what are “the straws that have broken the camel’s back?”. Set a new lifestyle of change in place to avoid those causes.
  • Choose healthier options in food and hydration to allow your body to heal more effectively.
  • Get physically active as soon as your Chiropractor says that you can; this allows your muscles-ligaments-tendons to hold spine correction.
  • Spend time resting and recuperating - and remain aware of your body.
  • When you attend your appointment, breathe, relax and focus on your spine and your healing.
  • Rest immediately after the adjustment for at least 5 minutes to allow that adjustment to positively upgrade and reset your nervous system.
  • Move during the day of the adjustment so that you are aware of the changes created by the adjustment.
The body is self-healing and self-regulating, however healing does not take a straight line.

The body is self-healing and self-regulating, however healing doesn't happen in a straight line.


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