Many people have wondered why we create the distinction between movement and exercises.

There are three simple reasons:

1) Movement is for people who do not like exercise.
There are some people who have never found the enjoyment of playing a sport. The ego of winning at someone else's loss, sweating and better yet actually physically beating someone up and sweating all over them as they lose may not appeal to you. However children start their development through repetition of movement without that ego. That means your body loves movement innately and your mind may or may not enjoy exercises.

2) Movement is creative and non linear.
A developing child has the desire and need to get their toy from across the room and the brain body connection comes up with a creative way of doing that...first crawling until that is not that effective and then walking. Eventual that child is creatively experimenting with gravity and all the fun non-linear ways you have seen children enjoy their bodies - handstands, flick- flacks, hopscotch, skipping, hand clapping games etc.

3) Movement asks of yourself to be innately aware of your body.
With effective movement there is no chance of injury and in fact the outcome is a dynamically adaptable body that is fit, strong and flexible. Majority of body injuries, aches and pains that walk into my office are as a result of the person not aware of the capability and limitations; they therefore over extend and exert themselves thus resulting in their problem.

By no means do I acknowledge that people should not participate in exercise of any sort. On the contrary, I feel there is massive benefits for exercise and sports...I personal participate in some crazy activities. However make sure you get the basics of movement right before you decide whether exercise suits you or not.