I have just received an intriguing press release from The Bone and Joint Decade. They are an influential global alliance that brings together all stakeholders considering musculoskeletal conditions. They have just completed the Global Burden of Disease Study in 2010 and because of their findings they have called on governments and the World Health Organisation to prioritise musculoskeletal health – urgent action is needed to “keep people moving” and to reduce the burden of disability!

I was astounded to read that 630 million people suffer from back pain, 330 million suffer with neck pain, 250 million with knee osteoarthritis and 560 million with other forms of musculoskeletal conditions (other joints issues and pains!). These conditions are the second greatest cause of disability worldwide, topped only by mental and behavioural disorders, which in my experience are closely linked.

They ranked the major causes of death and disability in the world today. You will be scared to see that musculoskeletal conditions are placed 4th, behind cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, neoplasm and mental /behavioural disorders. I was even more concerned to note that disability from musculoskeletal conditions has increased by 45% from 1990 to 2010; osteoarthritis being the fastest increasing major health condition. This is frightening stuff!

Although chiropractic care is indicated in a variety of other conditions, musculoskeletal conditions are a very common reason to visit a chiropractor… so it seems like we have a lot of work to do! The Bone and Joint Decade summarized that the

disability due to musculoskeletal conditions can be effectively prevented by currently available interventions and appropriate lifestyle. Sadly, chiropractic following in South Africa is less than 10% of the population.

So start your family and friends

moving early in 2013 to prevent this storm of disability that may be spreading in your direction. And as a believer in chiropractic care, acknowledge your duty to spread the word and works of Chiropractic to those who may not know the benefits they are missing out on.

Let us make 2013 a year of great quality of life.