Raise your hand if you have the health and happyness you deserve? I have never met anyone who can. The reason is because most people have attitudes that prevent this possibility. Remember, your health always starts with your attitude. Your attitude dictates the action steps you take. And over time your action steps cement your health habits in place. So review these attitudes and discover what is preventing you from achieving the health and happiness you deserve.

My health is out of my control… This is wrong. Your health is in your control! Most patients love to blame genetics which are only to blame for 5% of your problems (this is where you can blame your parents). However, this means that 95% of the time it is your choice to be healthy or not, therefore illness is often self-inflicted. You may wish to be in control but your conscious desire is not enough. You need to have your subconscious programming on your side… that means your habits. Do you have healthy habits? If you practice the art of preventative maintenance daily then you can insure that you will function properly for the remainder of your life and enjoy a good quality of life.

It’s normal to get sick… Is it? The answer is no. I get to see this all the time – a person with “normal headaches”. It is not normal for anybody to get sick or have chronic problems. If you have a young child, yes, they will have multiple symptoms over a few episodes to allow their immunes system to develop and get stronger. This does not mean the child’s immune system is not working, it simply needs to develop. It is the same when you go to the gym… the first few times you will be stiff and sore, but once your muscles develop, the pain stops. This is the law of physiology – use it or lose it… When the flu goes round does everyone get it or do some people get it and some don’t? That’s because some have a strong immune system while others are weak because they have suppressed their immune system through poor lifestyle choices, medication and drugs. We need to expose our immune systems to germs to get an immune response. Your health is in the soil (your body) and not the seed (the virus, bacteria, lurgy etc). Ask the best farmer if it is possible to grow crops in the Sahara desert… even with the best quality seed he will tell you that it is not possible.

Disease makes us sick… In chiropractic we call it dis-ease because it is a lack of ease within the body. The body is out of alignment, out of balance and out of sync! But the body is not designed to work like this! Diseases are not caught, they are developed – they are merely a symptom that the body is not functioning properly. Remember symptoms do not tell us where or what the problem is… merely that there is a problem. We spend billions studying diseases and trying to wipe them out. But very limited money is spent on studying health and the body’s natural balance. You would not study ‘losing’ if you wanted to wipe out losing, you would study ‘winning’ because you wanted to win! We will never find the answer to good health by studying disease. There are more people with cancer today than ever before.

You should keep your body functioning properly to strengthen it against disease. We falsely believe that the body makes mistakes – it does the best it can with what it has! The intelligence that co-ordinates and controls that process is what we call innate intelligence. This innate intelligence knows how to make the majority of people’s liver, heart, kidneys, bladder and other organs perfectly – all starting from one cell. This innate intelligence is perfect, infinite and co-ordinates the constant regeneration of every aspect of the body, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly! However this innate intelligence depends on health actions – if you abuse your body you will interfere with this intelligence from carrying out the work it is designed to do. My job is to find the interference (subluxation), analyse it and remove it (adjustment) before it is too late!

You only see your doctor when you’re sick… If your engine light came on in your car and you took it to the mechanic who cut the wire to the light so you were no longer aware of it, you would never go back to that mechanic… Why? Because if you wait for smoke to be flying out of the back of your car before you change the oil, you will have to replace your engine or find a new car! Is it more expensive to change your oil every couple of thousand km or to replace your engine or car? This is obvious! We all practice preventative maintenance on our car and on our house, because we want our belongings to last. However, most of us do not practice preventative maintenance on our bodies – our temples.

Our current ‘healthcare’ system is actually a crisis care system. Our hospitals and doctors are incredible crisis care facilities. If you snap your arm or fracture your leg, please do not visit your chiropractor, rather go to the hospital. However treating symptoms has nothing to do with health. So are drugs and surgery the solution to humanity’s health problems? Well they are certainly necessary, but for crisis care only. They are designed to get the body out of crisis at which stage you should get off them and allow the body to heal itself. Real health care is caring for the cause of disease and then preventing it from reoccurring. All diseases are caused by the body not functioning properly (physically, chemically and emotionally). If you restore balance, physically, chemically and emotionally, whatever symptom you have will disappear. This means that in reality there are no cures. The only effective way to overcome disease is by restoring internal balance. And the way to restore internal balance is by correcting and preventing ‘interference’ (subluxations) and applying proper lifestyle choices. The best way to stay healthy and avoid dis-ease is to visit your chiropractor when you are healthy!

It costs time and money to be healthy… This is true. But it is much more expensive to be sick! 50% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical bills. If you wait until your subluxation is in phase 4, surgery will cost you around R100 000 and, worth noting, 50% of the time surgery is unsuccessful. For a small monthly investment you can make sure you will be healthy down the road. Your chiropractor can go a long way to making sure you will be a grandparent playing with your grandchildren. Doesn’t prevention make more sense? Waiting is dangerous because you will continue to get worse until you start to correct the cause of your problem. There are limitations of matter – once you are in stage 4, have clogged arteries and severe degeneration, all bets are off. In biblical terms: “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is not”.

I trust you will take action today towards your optimum health. Remember, an acorn will only become a mighty oak tree as long as you give it fertile soil, water and sunlight. Your body is the same – you will be healthy if you give your body what it needs and remove all interference. But it takes time for the acorn to become the mighty oak tree and it takes time for your body to heal. Choose the health plan that suits you best, however 100% commitment is required.

Attitudes – Action Steps – Habits