Chronic Fatique and Immune Dysfunction day Fatigue is a common symptom that I frequently discover on my initial case history. Most people play this off as a normal part of this busy life we lead. When I investigate deeper there often other associated symptoms that the person has not related to the chronic nature of their decreasing body and mind functioning. Eventually these serious dysfunctions lead to life-changing pathological changes that unfortunately are a medical nightmare.

12th of May each year is designated by the WHO to Chronic Fatique and Immune dysfunction syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the common name for a group of significantly debilitating medical conditions characterized by persistent fatigue and other specific symptoms that lasts for a minimum of six months in adults (and 3 months in children or adolescents). CFS is unfortunately referred to by many other names and there is much confusion in the medical world. Biological, genetic, infectious and psychological mechanisms have been proposed, but the etiology of CFS is not understood and it may have multiple causes. It is reported that 1 million Americans have CFS and approximately 80% of cases are undiagnosed. CFS poses genuine threats to health, happiness and productivity.

The name chronic fatigue syndrome was first used in the medical literature in 1987. Please review the attached checklist for the full extent of symptoms. In my office, the typical picture is a previously flexible person that has subtly developed significant general stiffness, tightness, flabbiness, aches and pains. Usually affects ladies and is common in people whose busy life forces them to “burn the candle at both ends”. Invariably I find an underlying sadness or frustration in the person’s current situation; simply put they are trapped, cannot cope anymore and therefore are sinking in their life’s challenges of whatever sorts. Their breathing pattern and stress management systems of the body are poorly adapting and major compensations occur in multiple systems that lead to further spirally. The most obvious outward observation is a really slumped, depressed posture and tiredness of their face. Quite frequently they will tell me that they have tried many things (many exercise veraciously) to change their situation and nothing really has made a sustainable change.

My chiropractic program for this segment of people is to restore balance through specific chiropractic adjustment between the stress and rest sides of the body. This maximizes their dealing and adapting to the unavoidable life challenges.

Through this and conscious processing we able to transfer these people to an authentic level of happyness irrespective of the external environment. I guide people on the simple implementation of the 6 principles of optimal health and restore great posture, ease and freedom of movement and begin to maximize their overall conditioning for a sustainable quality of life. I always advise people that this is a fairly length program (usually 6 months to a year) but those that commit are rewarded with the quality of life they choose and deserve. “The impossible is only impossible when you believe it is impossible”