Driving home recently, contemplating my weekly intention, I was struck with this loud thought: “Live Now, Priorities First!” And the thought that followed was that there are no guarantees in life except for the effort and focus we put in. So if we are not focused on our priorities, what are we focused on? A great friend of mine is fond of saying: “You are what you do…” If you tie this in with an important chiropractic principle: “Your thoughts gain emotions and lead to actions,” you understand what your point of focus is! This is important to me, especially when preparing a report of findings with prospective participants (remember I do not use the word patient!).

From the consultation, my job is to set out what has gone wrong, work out if it has a solution, how long it will take to accomplish that solution, what this will entail and that, hopefully, I can help you. In mathematical terms: My correct Chiropractic care plan + your appropriate commitment & intention + your accurate action = Your Desired Result Most people, given the time to think, would place their health as one of their top five priorities – wouldn’t you? Because without your health, what success can you gain and how much enjoyment will you derive from life? However, these days just about everything but real priorities are your point of focus and your lack of health has an excuse!

Take this for example… “John, I require your commitment to your health!” Excuses, excuses… no time and no money… too busy and too expensive… the long list is never ending. Does all this make sense? For the sake of your good health, commit to your real priorities and gain your desired result: Quality of Life – Quality of Health!