Yesterday a simple event, a courier dropping off a parcel, ended in a powerful symbiotic emotional experience.I had just watched,for the third time, the wonderfully moving Woolworth’s tribute to Madiba. Thereafter, in my “greatest” singing voice, I was reliving the song “Asimbonganga uMandela thina...”when the courier arrived. Instantaneously tears welled up in his eyes and I carelessly asked if he knew that song.

He sat down and told us his memory of that song as a little boy and how, at that time, he did not understand why such a great man and mentor for his community would have been put in prison. He proceeded to tell us about the meaning of the words in the song, “we have not seen the place where he his kept”. He then stopped and looked at Tamara and I, and said “Is this not the beauty of Madiba, that although he connected South Africans of all walks whilst alive,his greatest work will be done in his passing as people come together, like this, to celebrate him.”This silent moment has stuck with me and the question arose in my mind –what value would your ‘best’ be worth to this world?As this year’s curtain closes and we mark the passing of our nation’s and perhaps the world’s icon i feel we are offered a special chance at reflection.

What was the darkness of your 2013 such that you may consciously plan for your light, your best in 2014? Listening to the commemorative speeches of the various dignitaries at Madiba’s memorial it brought to my focus the precarious position South Africa finds herself in. No doubt she has stepped out from the darkness of times when a great man was imprisoned for 27 years...however are we collectively going to use the light of this man to help South Africa step into her own?