“Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves” - Nelson Mandela

21st March was Human Right’s Day in South Africa. I often look at this concept with great reverence... yet is this just an idealistic theory?

Thinking about my own professional vision: We know that true health and happyness are possibilities. At Aspire Happyness, we see the world living in balance and all its inhabitants synchronously giving and serving each other... Perhaps much the same!

However, I was reinvigorated this morning when researching this article. Sincerity boiled inside me at the role every single one of us has to play in the GLOBAL phenomenon of living in a world underpinned by synchronous human rights. I have attached for you the 30 basic human rights created by the UN in 1948.... a very interesting read. In 1944, BJ Palmer (“the Developer of Chiropractic”) wrote The Big Idea:

“...Multiply that well man by one hundred and thirty million and you forecast and can prophesy the physical and mental status of a nation... the idea that knows the cause, that can correct the cause of dis-ease, is one of the biggest ideas known. Without it, nations fall; with it, nations rise. This idea is the biggest I know of.” I have added this link to a video of his entire speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0F19F30ihw Human right number 24 says: we all have the right to play. We all have the right to rest from work and to relax.

So as millions of people in South Africa take the day off I lay down the challenge: What can you do on that day that will set the precedence of change...even a 1% change towards the health and happyness that you deserve? From this you can easily build the health and happyness of your family, friends, community, city, country and slowly to the world.

It starts with your human right to do so!