Achievement is the actual recognition of your dreams and life purpose. Wow, I hear you say, this means I need to have dreams, which seems impossible when I crash into bed every night „dead to the world‟, only to wake up the next morning to get back onto that treadmill. .. A life purpose seems vague and distant, I hear you say, when I stumble through the mundane rituals of my life just trying to make it to the next holiday!

Can you recognise anything specific and noteworthy out of the blur that was 2011? If you do, write it down and bring it into 2012 so that you can do something with it… 2012 could be your greatest year ever… it could be your definitive year… then again, it could be your last, according to the Mayans! So what does 2012 have in store for you? To get your full bite of achievement, follow this vital checklist:

  • Find out what makes you tick! Ask yourself that question when your friends need something… Why do they phone you – what do they need from you? There will be an underlying trend which will reveal the answer and you will realise that this is what you are great at.
  • Ponder upon this for hours; daydream if you have to, bringing infinite dimensions of thought to the essence of who you are and what you have to offer the world.
  • Build your dreams and your vision on this knowledge – remember, the only way to start is without limitations!
  • Start reciting of your success every day; you need repetition for your Reticular Activating System (hey, you have to do some work here, so go Google it) to wake up your new reality.
  • Taste, Smell, Feel, Hear and See it happening; bring it to conscious sensations and awareness.
  • Write it all down – dreams and goals mean nothing any other way. Read what you have written and re-read it with enthusiasm daily – in fact by the hour, or even by the minute!
  • Plan, plan and take action. Do it right now!
  • Be thankful and grateful for any small blessing received along the way.
  • Be your best consistently… yes, you can! And let me know when your dream and life purpose for 2012 was achieved without limitations.