The Native American Indians believe that each soul is born into an existence of paradise. Paradise is this place of great beauty and Happyness; a state of delight where the soul is completely secure and in full connection with all aspects of life.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? This got me thinking and I tried to remember a time in my life where I felt like that. Sadly, only fleeting moments!

In the Philosophy of Chiropractic, we acknowledge that there is an innate intelligence of the body that is designed to be self-regulating and self-healing, provided with the right tools, in the face of challenges (whether physical, emotional or chemical). If this is the case, the innate intelligence perceives the world as paradise and co-ordinates / controls the body in a reciprocal, calm and relaxed manner. If not, the innate intelligence has to go into protective, compensatory and stress mode...perceiving a threat around each and every corner and co-ordinating / controlling the body to act. This is surely not what is meant by paradise.

To be clear and unhindered enough to experience life as paradise, please acknowledge that I do not believe we are talking about an impossible, unrealistic, Hollywood-styled concept of paradise. Rather something that is inherently built around each individual's authentic needs, desires, expectations and the like that contribute to this journey called Life.

What would that look and feel like to you?
If that was on offer, would you take it (knowing that you would have to do something for it)?
What would it take for you right now to achieve that or at least move in that direction?
What difference would that make to you and those around you?
I do not have clear answers but to live that life that you feel is possible and to wear it humbly....Wow; I am in! This resonates so strongly with my vision "I see the world living in balance, where each person synchronously giving and serving each other!"

My direction is now set; My Paradise...who is with me?