Tyla Believe

 In the dictionary

Bravery is defined as a courageous behavior or character;

Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.


This story is about a girl and her family that have shown tremendous bravery and courage…

Nelson Mandela said - “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”


I sat in the hospital room with the immediate family, hours after the “bad news” was received. A terrible time where no words could cut through that dark cloud! A five year old with a huge mass growing in her brain…My little champion’s best friend…this could happen to anyone.


What transpired next is a believable story of human beings banding together to do something for the betterment and the good of someone else…all based on the spark of one little girl! Really…that is not human nature; the newspaper will have you believe that human nature is a terrible entity…one of hatred, and violence and corruption…


And that is what Tyla's story begs you to do; change what you believe in?


The first surgeon painted a disgusting picture of the worst possible outcome post-surgery; I cannot even imagine how numb, raw and fearful that must have felt…but belief started to work it’s magic…


An impossible appointment for that all-important second opinion with a top brain-surgeon in SA and now the belief started to gain momentum; a capacity what’s app group sending 300 messages a second. Message that have painted my mind with hope and drenched my heart with love…Selfless giving and praying in abundance…faith like I have never seen before.


Wednesday the 26th March, day of the surgery! Instead of fear…abundance of faith, bravery and courage blossomed and exactly as the confident surgeon predicted, post-surgery the same, full beans smile and beautiful eyes that carries the flame of belief stared back at her parents and stated – I am hungry and when can I go play.


At this point stop and ask the question what do you believe in? Would you have believed in any other outcome for this situation? The challenge is to stand brave and courageous in your God-given belief and ask a multitude of others to stand tall with you. Inadvertently this is what Tyla has done…


I ask you to go to Tyla Believe Facebook; 2847 like…I do not even know that many people. Proof that belief will spread further and faster than cousins, aunts and uncles; even the biggest Indian Weddings will not reach that many people.


2847 people who hold a similar belief in place…that bravery and courage are our human right! That the power of belief will hold us together strongly and impact the life of many people; hopefully impact this chaotic world we live in…provided we direct it with care and precision.


Magnitude of charities that have already occurred in the belief of Tyla…benefiting others in similar hardships; teaching them to believe! Strangers becoming friends united because of this belief in something greater…Something small…one girl’s believe in herself growing virally to have that BIG effect. The petite butterfly in the forest gingerly flapping its wings and this is the start of the power thunderstorm.


I am grateful to watch this powerful story unfold. However, the common trait is for everything to go back to “normal”; presumable to forget about this event and move on…

I will not let it end…there are many new path’s this belief can carve. I ask you to carry the same flame of belief Tyla has ignited in you, stand brave and courageous, ask for support, know it is coming…hashtag it so collectively we can direct it! Remember it is your small effort that will be leveraged through us to something bigger. Tyla Believe!