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Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:43 | 29 May 2020

Janique Belli is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 

Topic: New Patient Orientation  
Time: May 29, 2020 01:00 PM Johannesburg 

Join Zoom Meeting…;

Meeting ID: 739 6880 0090 
Password: AhCNpO1

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:40 | 29 May 2020

This is such a great concept that explains what Chiropractic works on... at your next conversation throw it out there and see the response you get:
"My Chiropractor says I have dysponesis!"

Let me simplify - 
- it can be corrected
- it occurs silently without you knowing about it
- it is an abnormal response from your body to your environment
- it has effects throughout the whole body
- the biggest effect is how hard your body has to work and how ineffective you become (happens slowly)
- it is an issue with how your brain controls your body. 
- for most that go to a chiropractor it ends in pain but so much has occured before that point.

Chiropractic is therefore not just about making you feel better but rather making you poetic. But that is a story for another day!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:57 | 29 May 2020

Dysponesis ...

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:45 | 27 May 2020

Let's test your breathing: 
Test 1 - how long can you breathe in for? 
Test 2 - how long can you hold your breath in for?
Test 3 - how long can you breathe out for? 
Test 4 - how long can you hold your breath out for? 

If you put it together - breathe in, hold; breathe out, hold; it is called box breathing. 
The ratio should be 1:1:2:1
And you should be able to go from one breath cycle to the next without needing a recovery breath! 

How well did you do?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:42 | 26 May 2020

It is amazing - I normally get adjusted every week which keeps me in check and I hardly feel out of sorts...but being stuck in a foreign country has made it difficult to get an adjustment.

But today I made arrangements. Wow! Felt great but...
Nearly tripped leaving the practice because my leg length was corrected but my brain had not regulated completely to it. 

The nervous system is designed to be in balance and harmony with your body through your spine. However when this is not so you actually get used to being like that. 

When you get adjusted your brain and body are back in alignment however initially one or both do not recognise that. Takes some time for your reset to be permanent...

This is how habits are formed and broken. Chiropractic rocks!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:40 | 26 May 2020

Today I got my 1st adjustment for over 3 months.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:38 | 26 May 2020

Stand up straight; do not let your pelvis push backwards; relax your toes; engage your buttock and abdominals muscles. Great activation before a run or walk. #StartExercisingThisWeek

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:36 | 26 May 2020

Virtual Aspire Happyness Meeting; the whole team together...looks like the old sports team pictures where the missing person is inserted in the corner.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:28 | 21 May 2020

Epigenetics has determined that certain external influences switches genes on and off influencing how your body works. Can you imagine being in control of that?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:27 | 21 May 2020

Your routines and rituals define your outcome...think about your non-negotiables! Those aspects of life you cannot life without. Those daily rituals and routines that make you great. Recommit yourself to those today. Find a conscious way to remind yourself everyday. Write them on the bathroom mirror; on the back of your breakfast cereal box. Somewhere where you will consciously read them, take note of them and act upon them

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:25 | 21 May 2020

Because the body is intelligent; it will either adapt to the challenges it faces or compensate. This difference lies in you! 

Are you free from interference and distortion? 
Is your brain and body connecting fully with one another?
Are you providing your body with what it needs on a daily basis?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:14 | 12 May 2020

What is the purpose behind your thoughts and actions?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:06 | 11 May 2020

If you awake or light sleeping between 1 and 4am; usually with your mind racing you are in a sympathetic (stress) dominance and your body does not know how you rest, recuperate or regenerate. 

Best thing to do at that point is count your breath cycles - slow in; long out.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:05 | 11 May 2020

When stress occurs for a chronic duration it charges the mind and body to believe that everything is a threat. If everything is a threat, you have to build a stronger stress response…gushing NeuroChemistry over all your cells. Overtime this can lead to persistent worry and fear about everyday situations which is out of proportion to the actual danger. This is otherwise known as anxiety. Chiropractic should be a part of you integrative approach to dealing with your stress and anxiety. Chiropractic helps to release the body’s response to stress and has been shown to impact the neurological mechanisms behind stress. There is always a solution. 

I will be hosting another short 20min zoom webinar on stress in the next few weeks. Stay Tuned!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:39 | 08 May 2020

Something to take note of

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:26 | 04 May 2020

I hope everyone has taken the opportunity to get out and be active. Great for the mind and body to go for a walk! When you walk swing your arms and focus on long strides - important for: 
1) circulation
2) brain health
3) postural strength
4) digestive health

Have an active week

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:22 | 04 May 2020

1st day back in the practice; so excited to be serving again.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:03 | 30 April 2020

Dear valued patient, 

We are excited to announce that Aspire Happyness Chiropractic will be open from 02 May 2020 for appointments. Dr Janique Belli will be available to see essential and emergency patients.

Please note that we have strict guidelines to follow however we are ready to serve you and your family. These guidelines are to ensure your safety during each visit into the office so please bear with us and any inconveniences caused. 

Call 0717527787 to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:42 | 28 April 2020

I did my first Assalt bike HRV workout.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:41 | 28 April 2020

Thank you to all who attended our zoom talk on sunday. I am interested in hosting more. Please respond: 
1) how often would you attend a zoom meeting on an aspect of healthyliving? 
2) what would you want me to present talks about? 
3) how long should the be?