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Dr. Travis Mitchell
07:58 | 21 February 2020

Most people will consult with a Chiropractor because of the pain that they are in. However further to that, for many, the pain is negatively affecting some aspect of their life. This annoys, hinders or interferes with different aspects of the person's life! 

If we ask what is the goal of care is - many will simple state to get out of pain. However, we believe the true goal should be to restore the lost quality of life. 

So besides being pain free; what would you like to be able to do again that you are not able to do now? 

Keep this as your focus and make sure we know!

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:16 | 20 February 2020

You should be able to push your heart rate up and then consciously slow it down to recover. This is called heart rate waving and the longer you can do it for and the more consistently you can keep the pattern going the healthier your heart and body is. 

I sent the document exercise for your heart rate last week. Let me know if you require more information and direction how to do it for you.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:12 | 20 February 2020

Exercising for your heart rate

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:11 | 20 February 2020

Loosing weight as a common goal or focus for many people. 

Take note of these simple rules:
1) change the way you eat
2) change the way you move
How often, how much, what and when
3) change your metabolism 
- detox, cleanse, medicate (herbal and Homeopathic)
4) stay consistent
- what you implement, do so for at least 3 to 6 months before you make a decision if it is working.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:11 | 20 February 2020

Core exercises are so often mis-understood. Give this a try:


Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:09 | 20 February 2020

Take a look at our new website:


awaiting your thoughts.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:06 | 13 February 2020

It is so often when discussing with patients that we get an indication of stress is an underlying cause to their problems faced. In many instance, I will get a comment “But…I do not feel stressed!” or worse “I thrive on stress!”. 

What is important to differentiate here is, when we talk about stress we are not talking about whether your psychology registers if you stress or if your psychology enjoys stress. What we are focussing on is how your body and all the systems are choosing to respond to that stress. For majority of the time this stress response is an automatic and unconscious response the body makes. 

Unfortunately, the body does not just respond once in this fashion. It will choose to respond in this manner based on the repetitive situations it faces. This creates a regular habit of responding in a certain way and this response having a strong negative effect on the body. 

Therefore you may not feel stressed or you thrive on stress but your body is physiologically and chronically under strain. Any structure under strain constantly will break. 

Are you stressed?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
14:03 | 12 February 2020

Excercise for your HR

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:51 | 12 February 2020

The heart rate is affect by the breathing rate. When you breathe in your heart rate will go up slightly and when you breathe out it will go down slightly. This allows you to regulate your heart rate with your breathing. 

This ability is important to keep control over your heart depending on circumstances and situations that will naturally increase your heart rate. If you have conscious control over this ability you are able to maintain heart health and circulation. 

An effective way to train this is while you exercising. Please read the attached article. 

Happy Heart

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:51 | 12 February 2020

There are 4 main intensities of brain waves that indicate the current activity of the brain:

- beta brain waves: these indicates that the brain is awake, alert and busy with stuff. Thoughts are moving around, executive brain functions are required to make decisions and to action. This is the place we spend most of our awake life.

- alpha brain functions: this is active relaxation. This is conscious and awake. You must have your eyes closed to increase malatonin and your breathing is regulating your heart rate. We should spend 30 minutes of this every day to promote active rejuvenation. This balances the beta - busy brain.

- theta brain waves: this is to drift off to sleep. Deeper meditation where the dream state is activated. This is where the brain does is processing and reorganisation of memory and emotions. 

Delta brain waves: deep sleep and deep rejuvenation. Only once we are able to go through all brain waves and transition smoothly can the brain learn how to deep sleep. 

Can you imagine what happens when your brain goes out of balance?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:50 | 12 February 2020

Did a basic life support course today. Have not done one for sometime. Have you done one?

Have a great weekend

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:49 | 12 February 2020

Home - Essential Harmony

Dear All, 
This message is from my Essential Oil Guru!

Essential Oils should always be blended
If you have cardiac, blood pressure or epilepsy issues please be very cautious. 

However a blend of equal parts eucalyptus smithii, tea tree and peppermint is useful.
3 drops per steam.
Go to - to order.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
13:49 | 12 February 2020

I have personally found the combination of Steaming and Saline nasal spray incredibly effective at clearing congestion. 

When I mention steaming, that is the “old school” version of boiling water from the kettle poured into the sink (make sure you have the plug in) with some essential oil of some sort – Olbas Oil, Karvol or even vicks. Put your head under a towel over the basin for 5 minutes and concentrate on breathing in and out fully through the nose. The purpose of this is to soften the congestion and produce an increase in soft mucus to flush out the infection. Sweating also helps the body to cleanse and eliminate out. 

The saline nasal spray afterwards then flushes the upper respiratory system and salt is anti-microbial. 

This combination is brilliant if done 5 times per day in acute infections. And at least once per day during the difficult seasonal changes. I have had some people tell me it does not work…invariably it is because they have not done the steam and saline 5 times per day. 

Today, I have just come across a wonderful product -…
Which combines the two methods! Tell me what you think?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:18 | 05 February 2020

Think for a moment on the position and posture that you spend most of your day in?

“Creep” is a mechanical term defined as a time-dependent deformation at elevated temperature or constant stress. 

In plain English – when you hold your body in a specific position and posture for long periods of time this will result in a constant stress on the body and create deformation of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones. This deformation initially will be able to be reversed however after longer periods of time the deformation becomes permanent….this is why people shrink and hunch as they age. 

It is not that they are aging it is that they are becoming like a “Creep!”

The deformation of creep does put stress further on the nervous system and decreases the flow of information to and from the brain. 

So that position and posture that you hold yourself in constant - how often do you find the opposite position and posture for your body?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:17 | 05 February 2020

This is such a simple eating tip - eat what you can fit into your hand. 
Your stomach is the size of your first and will expand to the size of an open hand. 

Food certainly gets mushed up into small components and this compresses in the stomach. However eating for your own first will quickly show you whether you over eating or not. 

Then allow your digestive system 20 minutes to start processing the food and then only can you determine if you still hungry. 

Happy eating

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:35 | 03 February 2020

Stability of the body is based on how effectively and effortlessly your body can resist the pull of gravity...the more effective and effortless the less overall stress your body feels. 

Try this & send me your video - stand on one leg, 
Take your index finger and touch the opposite big toe, while bending your knee. 
Now do it with your eyes closed and compare left to right! 
How stable are you?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:34 | 03 February 2020

If your body is currently fighting off some infection I suggest you avoid: 
1) any stimulants - coffee and energy drinks the most common because it will over rev the immune system preventing it from regulating and healing the body
2) dairy and sugar - of any sorts! These are both pro-inflammatory, build more mucous, stops the normal immune process and feeds the infections
3) heavy exercise - pushing your heart rate up weakens the immune system, allows the infection to spread and can be damaging on your heart
4) starchy and white refined carbohydrates because they will slow down the natural elimination phase of the immune response

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:34 | 03 February 2020

For many, posture is believed to be a cosmetic benefit and think nothing of it...My most concern is directed at kids who are not taught the benefits of Good Posture. Bad posture puts the body under constant mechanical tension. This mechanical tension:
1)    creates stress that the body has to compensate for
2)    changes the position and flow of all systems of the body – circulation, digestive, breathing
3)    tractions the spinal cord and decreases neurological conductivity to all parts
4)    uses up energy and fatigues the cells

Posture is not simply sitting up straight, it is also the posture of all movements and activities of your day. 

Get someone to talk a picture of your during your normal day’s activity – preferably from a side angle and send it to me

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:33 | 03 February 2020

I have found the two most underrated and forgotten aspects of health are - 1) regular stretching and flexibility. 
Babies and all forms of animals will not get up from sleep or rest without stretching and shaking up their bodies first. 

2) stillness
Can you stop and do nothing? 
Can you show your heart rate down just through breathing?
Do you know how to relax?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
15:35 | 29 January 2020

We are in the midst of the choas and confusion around the "corona-virus". 

We have seen this level of panic on numerous occasions before with other such "named" viruses. 

I believe that it is important to keep focussed on the mechanisms of the immune system and how infections occur. Infections will seek out and infect those hosts that are weakened or specifically immune compromised. 

The corona-virus is causing primarily mild upper respiratory infections and associated symptoms; in advanced cases more significant respiratory issues. 

Therefore my suggestion for everyone is - 
Maintain good hygiene practices
Actively boost your immune system
Seriously avoid immune compromising activities

For those who are susceptible to upper or even lower respiratory infections - be especially vigilant and already start your home remedies and care! 

If you want specific guidance for you and your family regarding immune systems please let me know