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Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:29 | 15 December 2020

I think I got it 💥 the more you keep checking your perceived reality with reality .... the more you remain in the moment 🎉..... I think when your perceived reality is not regularly checked against reality you overfill and things become unmanageable both psychologically and physically - the trick is to not ignore the body’s signs cos it’s telling you way before your mind become unmanageable. Your mind/ thoughts can be (or are) causing the dis-ease 💃🏼💃🏼

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:29 | 15 December 2020

I got this message from a patient - I love the light bulb moments that guide you forward on your personal journey to the level of health and Happyness you desire...what light bulbs have turned on for you recently?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:28 | 15 December 2020

Please take note - the practice will be officially closed on Saturday the 19th of December. 

However; with EXCITEMENT Dr T will be back on the 18th of December and will be seeing patients by request until the 23rd of December. 

Please call the office tomorrow to schedule your last spinal check for 2020. 

The practice will re-open January 11th 2021.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:28 | 15 December 2020

latest blog article; enjoy

Dr. Travis Mitchell
11:27 | 15 December 2020
Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:36 | 10 December 2020

a quick posture education video

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:16 | 09 December 2020

A great way to activate your energy 1st thing in the morning (without coffee!) is to have protein. 

Protein has a great way of increasing your metabolism.

Here is some great recipes -…

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:12 | 07 December 2020

A great way of determining how your body functions is by determining how effectively you eliminate...we have 5 normal means of elimination: 
- defecation
- urination
- sweating
- breathing 
- tears

Are you eliminating through all means daily?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:56 | 03 December 2020

When last did you take time to rest and relax? What do you do to rest and relax? 

What calms your mind and your body?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:54 | 03 December 2020

We have a video on our YouTube channel about this; please teach it to your children...they will be the most influenced by it in the long term

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:53 | 03 December 2020

Can you feel your current internal physiological state? 

Think of it as you would the ocean;
- flat calm
- rolling waves but calm
- rolling waves and unpredictable
- choppy
- raging storm

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:17 | 26 November 2020

There are two controlling forces for the body neurologically - the sympathetic nervous system which engages your ability to be alert but also your stress response. The parasympathetic nervous system which engages your ability to rest, digest, recuperate and heal. 

Now in everyday life there are activities that facilitate (switch on) either the sympathetic or parasympathetic and there are activities that inhibit (switch off) either one. 

Think about it for a moment...
You can have one switched on and one switched off. 
You can have both switched on. 
You can have both switched off. 

It helps to think about it in terms to accelerator and brake of a car...
Pushing either the accelerator or the break
Pushing both at the same time
Cruising down the hill but neither your accelerator nor break work. 

During your daily activities; what are you switching on and what are you switching off?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
12:47 | 25 November 2020

December holidays are coming up...whether you going away or staying at home do you know how to holiday so you can recuperate and start 2021 in a better state? 

It does not matter even if you take one day off; you will need to know these skills...message me directly

Dr. Travis Mitchell
08:35 | 24 November 2020

Patient - “But it did not click...?” 

Dr T - “I do not click the spine. I reset the spine. And a click does not indicate a successful reset.”

Patient - “what indicates a successful reset?”

Dr T - “when there is a change in the control mechanism of the movement of your body.”

Patient - “how do you determine this?”

Dr T - “your body is back in alignment, there is less pressure and tension in your body, you have more symmetry...and hopefully your brain holds it there”

“The click is simply pressure change in the joint and lasts 30minutes; the reset can last sustainably”

Perhaps this has been a question for you.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:42 | 23 November 2020

Quick poll - would you rather be: 
1) pain free without having corrected the cause
2) still painful but correcting the cause?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
10:41 | 23 November 2020

It is helpful to understand the differences between acute and chronic. 

Acute issues are short term issues and have been in place for less than a few weeks. Acute issues will resolve on their own because the body is self healing and self regulating. 

Chronic issues are those that have been in place for longer than a few weeks and unfortunately the body will not resolve the issue on its own.

Automatically this creates confusion because if the body is self healing and self regulating then why does it not resolve the chronic issues? The answer is found in why something becomes chronic in the first place...

What are your thoughts as to why an issue becomes chronic? 

I will discuss this further on our next post.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:38 | 19 November 2020

My favorite test of spinal dysfunction...march on the spot for 1 minute with your eyes closed. 

Do not cheat; did you move from your starting point?

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:57 | 18 November 2020

What is Healing?
Health comes from the Old English word “Hal,” meaning wholeness, soundness, or spiritual wellness. “Health” is defined by the World Health Organization as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” To “cure,” conversely, refers to doing something (such as giving drugs or performing surgery) that alleviates a troublesome condition or disease. Healing does not equal curing. Healing facilitates change that reduces stress, improves diet, promotes exercise, and increases the person’s sense of community and connection. In doing this, we help improve the balance of health of the body, mind, and spirit that may result in the ability to discontinue a pharmaceutical, thereby reducing the need for the cure.

University of Wisconsin; School of Medicine and Public Health

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:56 | 18 November 2020

Be particular when you describe pain - pain has a location, a quality, a intensity, a frequency and a duration. 

All of this helps to identify the issue. Remember pain is simply the warning sign of tissue damage occurring. Identifying the issue allows us to find the cause. 

Correct the cause and the effects heal on their own.

Dr. Travis Mitchell
09:52 | 18 November 2020

Give it a go and send it to me